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Welcome to the Bainbridge Island Fire Department

The Bainbridge Island Fire Department is a combination fire department that serves the City of Bainbridge Island. Our paid and volunteer members respond to over 3,000 emergency calls annually out of three fire stations.

Breaking News & Current Classes

Breaking News & Current Classes

The Bainbridge Island Fire Department has posted the 2018 Testing Announcement for Firefighter/EMT.  LEARN MORE

There is still room in this month's Fire Extinquisher Trainning class.  LEARN MORE

High Voltage Safety Training (training by PSE)            When: January 18, 2018   Time: 6:00-7:30 pm  Location: City Hall / Council Chambers

Class Description: Electricity silently and efficiently provides us with the energy needed to perform tasks as well as make our work easier. Unfortunately, people can become careless around down or damaged energized lines or other utility electrical equipment. Through the use  of an energized 12,000-volt electrical distribution display, this dramatic presentation is designed to make the audience aware of the potential hazards when safety guidelines are not followed.  LEARN MORE 

Neighborhood Disaster Preparedness

Neighborhood Disaster Preparedness

Map Your Neighborhood will help you to:

Learn the steps to take immediately following a disaster to secure your homes and protect your neighborhood. 

Identify the skills and equipment each neighbor has that are useful for an effective and timely disaster response. Knowing which neighbor has supplies and skills helps your disaster response, and allows everyone to contribute in a meaningful  way. 

Establish a neighborhood contact list that helps identify those with specific needs such as the elderly, disabled, or children who may be home alone during certain hours of the day.

Work together as a team to evaluate your neighborhood during the first hours following a disaster, and take the necessary actions to care for yourself and your neighbors. LEARN MORE

Or contact us at  if your're ready to get started.

CPR Classes

CPR Classes

Did you know that sudden cardiac arrest is one of the leading causes of death in the United States? Unfortunately, most people who suffer a cardiac arrest outside of a hospital do not get cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) from a bystander, which significantly lessens their chances of survival. CPR is easy to learn, and we offer hands-on training at no charge to members of our community.  Click HERE to register for a class.

Outdoor Burning Regulations

Outdoor Burning Regulations

Recreational fires that are less than three feet in diameter and at least 25 feet from buildings and combustibles are allowed at this time.  LEARN MORE about outdoor burning.

To Report an Emergency Call 9-1-1

Next Board of Commissioners Meeting

February 7, 2018

Station Locations

Station Locations


Many of our citizens live in the heavily forested areas of Bainbridge Island, areas the Department defines as the "Wild land/Urban Interface".  Dry summer weather and lack of rainfall brings danger from wildfire to those homes that are nestled in close proximity to the trees and brush or on hillsides.  It is important to evaluate the risk of losing your home to wildfire before it strikes, and take appropriate steps to protect your home and family.  LEARN MORE