Fire Chief’s Message


Hank Teran, Fire Chief

Hank Teran, Fire Chief

On behalf of the Bainbridge Island Fire Department, I would like to wish you a very Happy New Year.  2018 will be an exciting time for our community and your Fire Department. In late spring, Fire Station 21, located at 8895 Madions Avenue, will be completed and ready to be occupied!  The new Fire Station 21 will include a number of improved safety features and has been designed to anticipate the increased needs of our community and for fire and emergency medical services for the next 50 years. A grand opening will be planned as we get closer to the completion date. The Department will be inviting the public to tour your new fire station and see the improvements firsthand.

Immediately following the reopening of Fire Station 21, Fire Station 22, located on Bucklin Hill Road, will be demolished, and a new station will be built on the same site. The anticipated constructed completion date will be in 2019.

The Bainbridge Island Fire Department would like to thank our community for your continued support, without which, the replacement of our facilities would not be possible.  Please check our website for updated information on the grand opening of Fire Station 21.

Happy New Year!


Photo courtesy of Steve Baer,