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The Bainbridge Island Fire Department is seeking applicants for the position of Lateral Firefighter/Paramedic.  Learn more

Wildfire Risk Reduction & Mitigation

Many of our residents live in heavily forested areas of Bainbridge Island. Dry summer weather and lack of rainfall bring danger from wildfire to those homes that are in close proximity to trees, brush, or hillsides.  Evaluate the risk of losing your home to wildfire before it strikes, and take appropriate steps to protect your home and familyLearn more

Your Home Can Survive a Wildfire

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To Report an Emergency Call 9-1-1

What does LOW danger mean?

LOW:  When the fire danger is "low" it means that fuels do not ignite easily from small embers, but a more intense heat source, such as lightning, may start fires in duff or dry rotten wood.  Fires in open, dry grasslands may burn easily a few hours after a rain, but most wood fires will spread slowly, creeping or smoldering. Control of fires is generally easy.