Board of Commissioners

Elected by the Island's citizens, the Board of Commissioners is responsible for governing the operations of the Bainbridge Island Fire Department. The Board is responsible for determining the levels of service and establishing the goals for the Department. It also establishes the types and levels of funding and approves the budgets and tax levies. In addition, the Board employs the Department's key personnel and supervises the Fire Chief. Moreover, it guides the strategic plan and approves key policies and procedures. Finally, the Board represents the Department to the public.

Unless otherwise stated, all regularly scheduled Board of Commissioners meetings are held the first and third Wednesdays of every month at Station 21, located at 8895 Madison Ave.  The meetings commence at 6:30 PM.

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Scott Isenman

Scott Isenman | Position 1


Term:   2016-2021


YongSuk Cho

YongSuk Cho | Position 2


Term:   2014-2019


Gina Batali

Gina Batali | Position 3


Term:  2018-2019


Fritz von Ibsch

Fritz von Ibsch | Position 4


Term:   2018-2019


Tim Carey

Tim Carey | Position 5


Term:   2016-2021