For over 80 years, the Bainbridge Island Fire Department has relied on volunteers to provide service to our community.  Although volunteers continue to serve the community, the Island's population growth, the subsequent increase in call volume, and transport times have dictated that we become a combination fire department where our career and volunteer members work side-by-side. Citizens calling 911 cannot tell which of our members are career and which ones are volunteers.

The process of becoming a volunteer firefighter/EMT is not quick or easy.  The intake process is rigorous and requires a long-term commitment.  If you would like to contact a current volunteer who can help you understand the expectations and time commitment, please contact us and we will make the arrangements for you to learn more.

Volunteer Recruit Class 2018-01

After successful completion of physical and psychological testing, newly accepted volunteer recruits receive emergency medical and fire suppression training.  After obtaining their Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification, the recruits attend the firefighter academy where they learn about fire behavior, firefighting tactics, and hazardous material responses in order to obtain their Basic Firefighter 1 certification. But the training does not stop there.  In order to maintain and hone their skills, volunteer members train with the crew while at the station.

The extensive education and training our volunteer members receive, allows them to work seamlessly alongside our career members in serving the public. The members of the Bainbridge Island Fire Department are a family.  We acknowledge the tradition of volunteerism within the Department, but even more than that, we see brothers and sisters in pursuit of the same thing–service to our community.