Wildfires are called wild for a reason – they are often uncontrollable. What is
controllable, however, is the preparation you can undertake to protect your
home or business from damage and losses when a wildfire threatens. Ultimately,
the difference between survival and destruction is whether some part of the
structure catches on fire.

There are two primary areas of concern around a home or business when it
comes to minimizing the chance of a building igniting from exposure to a
wildfire. First, a number of features, materials, and design details can make it
more vulnerable. Second, the surrounding wildlands and vegetation near your
home or business can provide a pathway for an approaching wildfire to get
close enough to your building for flames to touch the outside or for radiant
energy (like standing in front of a camp fire) to generate enough heat to cause
it to catch fire. Additionally, it is important to remember that embers from a fire
located a mile away may fall onto the house or business, nearby vegetation or
secondary buildings and cause them to catch fire.  LEARN MORE