Fire Chief’s Message

Jared Moravec, Fire Chief


It is an honor and a privilege to serve as the community’s next fire chief, and the outpouring of support and encouragement from everyone humbles me.

This journey started for me when I was just 13 years old. A fire chief by the name of John Sing took a chance and accepted me into a cadet program at the Boys Town Volunteer Fire Department in Omaha, Nebraska. During high school as a cadet and later as a full-fledged volunteer firefighter, I was taught and mentored on how to be a good firefighter and a leader. The dream of being a fire chief started during those formative years of my fire service career.

When I arrived at Bainbridge Fire in 2006, I knew I had found an extraordinary place. I couldn’t put my finger on it at the time, but I knew that between great people who were focused on serving the community and the many opportunities where I could contribute and make a difference, this was the place I wanted to spend the rest of my career.

As we move forward, I am excited to continue to ensure that the Bainbridge Island Fire Department provides excellent service and leadership in both the community and the fire service. Included in this vision is an eye toward quality improvement, continuing to build upon the robustness of current systems to ensure service reliability, and ensuring the Department can continue providing services in a sustainable way.

I am very excited to get started in this new role.

Jared Moravec, Fire Chief

Retired Fire Chief Hank Teran 2007-2023 - Thank you for your service!

Photo courtesy of Steve Baer,