Fire Chief’s Message

Greeting from the Fire Chief.  It seems that we have transitioned quickly from a hot, dry summer with extreme wildfire potential, to a very wet and windy Fall and Winter season.  I want to thank our community members for your diligent wildfire safety efforts over the summer months.  Because of that diligence, we managed to avoid any large wildfire events here on Bainbridge Island.

Now it is time we start thinking about fire safety in another way. When the weather turns colder, fire safety requires a different approach. Take a few minutes to address fire safety in and around your home. Hunt for home hazards to prevent fires from happening in the first place!

#1 Home heating, candles, and stovetop cooking:

  • Give space heaters at least three feet of distance from any combustible. Never use space heaters with an extension cord.
  • Dispose of fireplace/woodstove ashes into a metal container with a tight-fitting lid. Place this container on a non-combustible surface, away from any item that can ignite.
  • Keep matches and lighters out of children’s reach.
  • Make sure a grown-up is always in the room when a candle is burning. Candleholders should be sturdy, so they won’t tip over easily.  Use battery-operated candles whenever possible.
  • Never leave a hot stove unattended. Never cook on high when using oils.

#2 Smoke Detectors:

  • People living in homes with working smoke detectors are twice as likely to survive a fire.
  • Install smoke detectors on every level of your home and outside all sleeping areas.
  • Test your alarms regularly and replace the battery when chirping indicates a low battery. If your smoke alarms are approaching 10 years old, plan to replace them soon.

#3 Home Escape Plans:

  • Develop and practice a home escape plan with your entire family.
  • Everyone in the household must know at least two ways out in the event of a fire.
  • Choose a safe meeting place outside and call the fire department early – as soon as you are out of danger.

In another couple of weeks, we look forward to seeing you along the route of our Holiday Music Truck tour.  Visit the homepage of our website to view the tour map, schedule, and other important details of this wonderful community tradition.

Finally, as a reminder, please stay conscientious with all COVID safety protocols.  Wear your mask, wash your hands often, and maintain social distancing while in closed spaces.  Have a fun and safe Fall and Winter season.

Hank Teran, Fire Chief

Hank Teran, Fire Chief

Photo courtesy of Steve Baer,