Candidate Program

We want to help you be successful!

The Bainbridge Island Fire Department Volunteer Candidate Program is designed to provide mutual benefits to the Department and volunteer members.  The Department uses Volunteer Candidates at the stations to provide additional response capabilities for fire and medical emergencies.  In return for this service, Volunteer Candidates receive a stipend. Prospective Candidates must be EMT certified and are subject to the same application and assessment process as other volunteers.  The Volunteer Candidate's primary responsibility is to support Department operations, which includes responding to calls for service and participation in training activities and other duties as directed.  The underlying philosophy of the program is to provide all Volunteer Candidates with the opportunity to serve the Bainbridge Island Fire Department and community, while furthering their personal or career development goals.

Benefits of the Candidate program include:

  • Receive $1,000/month for five 24hr shifts
  • Many opportunities to enhance your career and resume through hands-on training
  • Candidates are assigned a BIFD career mentor to assist with career track, interview skills, and resume development
  • Access to Department Peer Fitness trainers for creation of fitness and nutrition plans
  • No residency requirement - Candidates may live off-island
  • Candidates will be trained through a IFSAC approved academy to be certified as FFI


  • EMT certified (WA  State or National Registry)
  • Be age 18 or older at time of application
  • Have a  high school diploma (or equivalent) at time of application
  • Have a valid Washington State driver's license
  • Have a satisfactory background check (i.e., driving record and criminal history)
  • Complete medical/physicals

The role of the Candidate:

  • Assigned to a shift, officer, and station to act as an integral third member of the crew at one of our three stations
  • Work at least one 24hr shift a week with your crew.
  • Work alongside career firefighters on a weekly basis to learn the profession of Firefighting and EMS
  • Required to complete skill-based proficiency task books in a timely manner to improve knowledge, skills, and abilities
  • Assist career members on department projects and presentations

What former Candidates have to say:

"Bainbridge Island Fire Department's Candidate program will equip you with every tool you'll need to get where you want in the fire service.” Samantha Thomas FF/EMT Poulsbo Fire Dept.

“The BIFD’s candidate program was the perfect stepping stone for me in becoming a career Firefighter/EMT. Getting to work alongside dedicated career members expedited my growth in numerous ways, both personally and professionally.” Ben McCarty FF/EMT Bainbridge Island Fire Department

 “Volunteering at BIFD was integral for me in starting a career in the fire service. The training and mentorship that I received from the crew as well as the culture at BIFD, not only made me realize that I wanted a career in the fire service, they also helped me achieve it. I would not be where I am today without the volunteer program at BIFD.” Tess Haskin FF/EMT Shoreline Fire Department

 “My experience was that you get out of this program what you put into it. I wanted to be a career firefighter and the community and personnel of BIFD gave me the necessary tools and training to build myself into just that. BIFD allowed me to operate as a full member of the team, I was on a first due unit for every call. The career personnel even volunteered their own time for hiring seminars, which included mock panel board and Chief Interviews. The volunteer program is one of the best around, hands down.” Jake Eldredge FF/EMT Snohomish Fire D7

Questions? Please contact Forest Hietpas FF/EMT Bainbridge Island Fire Department, Head of Candidate program , or Jay Rosenberg, Bainbridge Island Fire Department Volunteer Program Coordinator .