**No Burn Ban in Effect**



Fire Safety vs. Air Quality Burn Bans

FIRE SAFETY burn bans are issued by the fire marshal when dry weather conditions heighten the risk of wildfires.  Fire safety burn bans are generally called during the summer and can last for several months.

AIR QUALITY burn bans are issued and enforced by the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency when air pollution may reach or reaches unhealthy levels. Air quality burn bans typically occur during colder fall and winter months. They also may sometimes occur during the summer months if there is wildfire smoke.

Bainbridge Island "every day" Burning Regulations (Note: During Stage 1 or Stage 2 Burn Bans, burning regulations have higher restrictions (see below)


  • recreational fires 
  • agricultural fire (permit required)
  • ceremonial fire (permit required)
  • cooking fires

NOT Allowed:

  • burn barrels
  • yard waste burning
  • debris burning
  • weed torches


  • The Fire Department does not have the authority to enforce air quality burning complaints.
  • Puget Sound Clean Air Agency is not responsible for issuing or enforcing fire safety burn bans. Learn more about the different air quality burn ban stages and restrictions at pscleanair.gov.

Download the FLYER: Understanding Burn Bans and Recreational Fires on Bainbridge Island