Sprinkler Requirements

City of Bainbridge Island Municipal Code Title 20, contains amendments to the adopted Fire Code.

20.04.100 Amendments to Section 903.

Section 903 of the International Fire Code is hereby amended to read as follows:

903.2.143 Other automatic sprinkler system requirements. Buildings within the city used for assembly, educational, industrial, institutional, mercantile, storage, office and multifamily dwelling purposes shall be equipped with fire protection systems. The plans for all such systems must be approved in advance of construction by the fire marshal. All sprinkler systems must meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. Sprinkler Systems Required.
  2. A fully automatic sprinkler system designed, installed and tested pursuant to the current edition of NFPA 13, NFPA 13R, or NFPA 13D, as determined by the fire marshal, shall be installed in all new buildings in excess of 5,000 square feet total floor area.
  3. A fully automatic sprinkler system meeting the standards set forth in subsection A.1 of this section may be required by the chief of the fire district for any new building in the city, when, in the judgment of the chief or officer, any of the following conditions exist: hazardous operations, hazardous contents, critical exposure problems, limited accessibility to the buildings, or other items which may contribute to definite fire hazards.
  4. All sprinkler systems installed after the effective date of the ordinance codified in this subsection shall be equipped with a leak detector meter which includes a double check valve assembly.
  5. Conflicts. In the event that any provision of this section conflicts with any provision of the Building Code or the Fire Code as adopted by the city, the more stringent (greatest protection) provision shall apply.
  6. Exceptions. The chief of the fire district and the city building official shall have the authority to grant exceptions to the provisions of this section. All such exceptions must be in writing and shall be granted only where the required sprinkler system or hose station would create a safety hazard or cause damage to the building's contents.
  7. Existing Buildings.
  8. Existing fully sprinklered buildings, when remodeled or added onto, shall retain the feature of being sprinklered in the remodeled or added on portion.
  9. If, by expanding an existing building, the resulting total structure falls within the coverage of subsection A of this section, the entire structure shall be fully sprinklered as required in subsection A.1 or A.2 of this section, whichever may apply.
  10. If a building permit is required in the remodeling of an existing structure of 5,000 or more square feet total floor area, the entire structure shall be fully sprinklered as required in subsection A.1 or A.2 of this section, whichever may apply.